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The Emine has wooden legs and upholstered in soft fabric, the shape is what makes it interesting.

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Furniture Care

Professional cleaning once every six months is required to ensure the longevity.

In case of spills, please gently dab the spot y with a clean damp cloth; you can also use a mild detergent cleaner. Avoid vigorous movements, as this can work the stain further into the fabric.
Using a Vacuum cleaner once a month is keeps away odor and dust from accumulating.
Pet hair can also be removed by wearing a pair of dampened rubber gloves, and running your hands over the upholstery. Alternatively, a damp sponge canss be used.
For sofas with removable cushion covers, we recommend dry cleaning.

Shipping & Delivery

Products are typically dispatched after being packed with standardized procedures within a week of order confirmation.
We use our own network to transport and deliver all the products.
Certain products take longer than other to be manufactured; like leather products take 15 days at the maximum.
You will receive your product well within the time frame.

Quality Assurance & Warranty

We procure only the best raw materials Leather, wood, fabric, art leather, foam etc.
Only Premium grade hardware and fittings are used.
These are assembled and machine/ hand made in state of the art factories that have high standards of equipment and skilled labor.
In the rarest of cases where an issue does arise, we promise a hassle free warranty & replacement policy.
4 day replacement warranty from billing date against any manufacturing defects
The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and excludes commercial use
Replacement Policy
In case of damage during transit, the product will be replaced/repaired free of cost. Please attach a photo of the damage and write to us on customersupport@mayuriinternational.co.in


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