Thinking of Online Furniture Sale in Bangalore ?

Thinking of Online Furniture Sale in Bangalore ?

Trading is now-a-days online, making digital India vision come true.


Various products are sold, bought & rented online; raising economy to greater heights.

Online Furniture sales is also a part of trading in recent times.


Mayuri International has online furniture sale at Bangalore  delivering  directly from manufacturing units to your place. Our products range from household needs to office , educational institutions, etc. Sales team at Mayuri International is customer friendly & helpful in guiding the perfect furniture for your needs.


Service to customer is valued more than the sales profit, we double check the products before delivering to the purchaser.


Repair, Maintainence and handling service of furnitures is also provided to customer in due course of time.

Office based furnitures are recycled and exchanged in case of damages noticed with long term usage.


Mayuri International Sales team is available online & offline to serve you with the comfortable & convenient furnitures for your better tomorrow. !!

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